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Re:Re: [Groop]Did I Err?

Well the only other person in the Groo panel that I heard make any comment
about the t-shirts was one very nice lady who wanted a picture of all of us
because she was very impressed with our dedication and support of the book.

Other than that, many dealers and artists asked me about the shirt when I
stopped by their tables (though, oddly most of them asked "Did I Err?"? with
the err souning like er as in her, not air as in hair).  They thought it
interesting, if it did take a while to explain.

I also observed not one person that would fit the previous rant about

I did see one once.  Mark and Sergio were at the Motor City Comicon about 5
years ago.  As I stood talking to Mark, a guy of about 20 showed up and
talked of how he had driven great lengths to meet Mark because he was his
biggest fan.  He went on and on for about five minutes about how great Groo
was.  Somehow the conversation turned to Garfield, at which point, fanboy
said "Oh yeah.  I don't like that. The stories are stupid and the jokes
repetative.  I know you wrote that, but I think it's just bad."

After he left, Mark just shook his head and said "Gee, and he drove all that
way because he's my biggest fan".

>well Gary or anybody else who went there, can you tell me what other people
>the groo panel room think about that groo T shirt.  Did they ask you where
>buy it? or "how to get it?" or "what is that shirt?" or  "how to join the
>list?". I'm just curious on response from other Groo fans who are not groop
>"Jeff Kozicki (ADESA)" wrote:
>> Well I don't have much to add re: The GrooFest what was CCI:SD2K other
>> to pass along my eternal gratitude to Mark Sergio, Stan, and Thom for
>> some of the best and most gracious people I have ever met, even to a
>> like me, and to pass along special thanks to Gary for organizing and
>> implementing the great T-Shirts.  This way, my belly didn't have to hang
>> of my much too small t-shirt, and it was nice and clean    ;-)
>"The man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't."
>-- Unknown

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