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[Groop]Does Sergio draw fast?

One other little anecdote from CCI:SD2K I wanted to pass along.   (And if
you don't believe this story, ask Greg, because I believe the scribble
descrived below is on the top of the artwork for one of the trading cards
that he bought from Sergio.)

On Friday morning, just after Sergio arrived at his booth, a lady came up
with three of the Grro ornaments to have signed for her kids.Sergio searched
high and low for the right pen, and finally decided to use a ultra-thin
point he had in his pocket.  Since he had just gotten there, he started
scribbling with it on a piece of paper to make sure there were not blobs of
ink that would ruin the ornaments (which he then signed).

The really amazing thing is that the scribble that came out of the pen was a
fully detailed Rufferto!!!  I don't think Sergio even knows he did it.  It
was like the Rufferto was in the pen and Sergio just let him out.

Truly amazing.
Jeff "Insert scribble here" K
"The man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't."
-- Unknown

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