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[Groop]Shocking event at Sergio's Table...

Well, Gary really should be the one to tell this one, but since he's away and 
I'm impatient, I'll relate this tale. Gary was there for the unveiling, I 
came by moments later to see Gary PRACTICALLY hyperventilating...

Sergio keeps a nice selection of merchandise at his table, from Groo TPB's in 
English & Spanish to Groo hats (got 1!), Groo trading cards and the Groo card 
game (played it over lunch with Jeff and Greg, by the way).

Well, it seems a couple came by the table and decided to buy a box of Groo 
trading cards. They started opening them at the table there with Sergio (it 
was slow, no line) and on the third pack pulled one of the ORIGINAL SKETCH 
CARDS!!! Not knowing what they had, they asked Sergio to sign it, and his 

Gary started hyperventilating, and about now I walked up to say hi. Gary and 
Sergio both go "Did you see what they did...?" Gary is simultaneously 
explaining how rare and valuable one of these cards are (only 50 made) and 
trying to negotiate a trade for it. (This is to Gary's credit. Anyone who's 
met him knows that no matter how obsessed he is, he'd never trick someone or 
cheat them. Gary's as honest as they come). 

Eventually they asked Sergio once again to sign the card, and Sergio pointed 
out that it was signed already, that it was an original signed sketch. So he 
signed something else for them instead.

Anyway, I'm sure when Gary gets back, he'll tell the whole story in his own 
way, adding embellishments and correcting inaccuracies (He'll probably say "I 
wasn't hyperventilating, I was just breathing fast. And I'm NOT OBSESSED")

Bye all!

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik of Entropy

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com