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[Groop]Short Replys From Gary G.

Hi Folks!

IF You Sent Me A Message About T-Shirts Or Anything Else, READ ON.  I'm
Answering (almost) All of You Here.

AAAHHHHH!!!!  93 e-mails!!  Most of them Groo-related.  And some
specifically for me.  OK, I'm gonna try to make this real simple and short
(which you'd think would be easy for a guy who's only 5' 7")  And then I'll
put up another post about the wonderful San Diego Con, which I will
definitely be going to every year that Mark & Sergio & Stan & Tom are there.
(Maybe I can cut a deal on Warren Ellis' parking space)

First, thanks to whats-his-name for sending that message for me.  (Do I have
a son?  Two?!?  Geez, none tells me anything!)

Fanboy Thread:  I'll incorporate my succinct two kopins worth into my San
Diego report.

Re:  Juan Carlos Adames, "hi... i´m from Panama republic of Panama..."
Did someone get back to this guy?  I think we can help him.

Re:  Space Circus Cards to International folks:  Last year I handled this.
What with the T-Shirts, could someone else PLEASE do it this year?

Re:  Nate & Bags.  Nate, the Con gives you a plastic bag that can handle a
reasonable amount of stuff.  The only other bags I saw were given out by the
Big Boys like DC & Marvel.

Re:  Reactions to Groop Shirt:  Well Azamin, as I said in my short message,
the shirt was like a magnet for meeting cool people, especially after Sergio
drew Groo on it!

Re: JODF & Duvida: Já foi feito um filme do Groo?
>Pergunta feita em Português, pois Sérgio Aragonés é Espanhol, A Espanha É
>Pátria Irmã de Portugal, Portanto Português é um idioma irmão do Espanhol.

There is no Filme do Groo, not with Irma of Portugal (I wonder if she's
related to Erin?) or anyone else.  Duvida-doo-bee-do!

Re:  a.n khalid & leaving the Groop.  Sorry you are leaving, a.n., and what
you do away from the Groop is your own business (Please!) (btw, Nate, Eric
is a sturdy guy.  He can take it.  You should have seen him in that bawdy

T-Shirt Info:  Sometime in the next few days, I will cross check my list of
ordered shirts with those whose funds I have received, and let you all know.
Those who ordered a shirt but have not sent the funds, please do so.  (Also,
I think I remember who gave me cash at the Con, but I may need your help.)

The Address is

Gary Grossmann
8916 Blomberg Street SW
Olympia WA 98512

The Amount is:

$15.50 domestic & Canada & Mexico too!  I think I said $18.00 for non-North
Americans.  These prices include shipping and add $12.30 if you ordered 2

Those who missed ordering a shirt and have asked about one, I know I can get
you one, it's just a question of by what means.  Hold onto your kopins for
now amd wait until the dust settles on this batch.

And finally:  Josh, you WILL drag me into the 21st century won't you?  I
guess it's appropriate since you effectively dragged me into the 1990's by
creating the Groo Mailing List!  (he's paying me through PayPal and now I
have to fill out some online form or something.  I'm sure I'll think it's
cool once I get it started.  probably wish I had everyone do it that way.

There, that's it for non-con stuff. This was easier than sending 20 replys
to various folks.  Hope y'all didn't mind.   Take care all.  -Gary G.

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com