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Re: [Groop]Shocking event at Sergio's Table...

Oh, and by the way, Shane, I hate you.  -Gary G.

[newbies take note.  this is a long running "joke" because Shane actually
pulled a sketch card from a pack.  personally, I'm getting rrrreeaally tired
of this joke.  really tired.  like I'm fed up with it, OK?  DO YOU HEAR
ME!!!!!!!! (pause)  Ahem.  excuse me,  I just needed to take a deep breath.
And of course, I don't really hate Shane.  very much.]

> Ahhhh... poor poor Gary.... So obsessed to have every single piece of groo
> material in existence.
> To be so close to an Original Sketch Card. (I'll show you mine if you're
> down in the area going to your sons college, again)
> That was a 'fun-elbow' at Garys ribs.

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