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[Groop]Promoting comics to children.

Two happenings at the San Diego Con have promted me to slightly change
my outlook on life and comics:

1)Larry's (semi)eloquent speech at the Groo panel about promoting comics
by buying an extra comic of a book you like and giving it away to
someone, and
2)Meeting Phil Yeh and reading a couple of his Winged Tiger books.  Phil
is basically a travelling missionary for the promotion of reading comics
and other art for literecy and overall well being.  Check out his
website at www.ideaship.com

I had picked up a few things for my little (half)brother at the Con,
mainly stuff I knew he'd like like the free Pokemon video, free cutouts,
and other goodies.  Then I decided that man, I should get my brother
into some comics.  So, I plowed through my comics collection and decided
to donate a few things for his enlightenment.  Among the comics I gave
him: The Death of Groo (the first book I ever got signed and sketched by
Sergio), Groo Epic #7 (enter the Sage), Usagi Yojimbo book 5, and
reprints of a couple of EC's horror and strange tales comics.  I
figured, hey, these books will do better in his hands than in a box in
my closet, and if he really likes some of them, I'll get him a big lot
of similar titles from ebay.  From the outset he seemed really keen on
the UY book, but I"m sure he'll dig Groo too.

Anyhow, hopefully some other Groopies will take up Larry's excellent
suggestion and pass a comic book or two onto someone else....

My wife says I must go to bed now,


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