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Re: [Groop]Promoting comics to children.

Ruben Arellano wrote:

> TAnyhow, hopefully some other Groopies will take up Larry's excellent
> suggestion and pass a comic book or two onto someone else....
> My wife says I must go to bed now,

 yes, the good example is the way I got attracted to Groo comics.  11/ years
ago, I found and read 3 Groo comics in my grandmother's house which my
cousin left before he went back to his parent's house.  since that day I
started to find/buy Groo comic books in Kuala Lumpur and become a Grooper.
My brother also read my Groo collection and got attracted too but he didn't
buy is as he can access to my collection.  Now his wife too got attracted to
Groo comic too.  For the future perhaps my i years old niece will follow the
footsteps to be attracted to Groo comics.

The humour, the simplicity (the story/episode ended in 1 book or at most
runs for only  4 issues) and the neat drawing is the Groo's main
attraction.  Compared to X-Man comic, I don't like it as there is too much
crossovers and the series/episode runs for many issuse like a never  ending
story.  BTW, for me X-man movie has better ending that its comic version (at
least there is some conclusion at the end).


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