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Re: [Groop]San Diego (& Ellis Comment)

--- Gary Grossmann <grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:

> Greg needs to tell about his cool presentation 
> to the Groo Crew.  

I doubt we'll hear from Greg Craille for a while,
since he's not currently online, and is continuing his
tour of the United States by going up the California
coast for a bit. He MAY eventually end up in New York,
and if so we'll hopefully hook up and go to a Yankees
game together (yup, the Kiwi is a baseball fan). If
so, I'll forward a message from him with his take on
the comic con. 

Greg lives in New Zealand and works in Saudi Arabia
(no, he doesn't commute), so it's uncertain when he'll
be back online and with the Groop. 

I started to relate his long and winding tale as I
remembered it, but decided I'd probably butcher it, so
 let's wait for Greg's return to the Groop. 

The short version is he had a set of five really cool
mugs made up and presented them to Sergio, Mark, Stan
and Tom. They each featured the Scrooge McDuck
greeting one of the above. Oddly enough, Sergio go the
one depicting Sergio, Mark got the one with Mark, etc.
I only really saw them from two rows back, so perhaps
Mark can describe his mug for us (if he's read this
far into the letter. I gather he gets a ton of email
so he'll be forgiven if he's only skimmed this). 

The long version will involve some signed Sergio &
Mark merchandise he got, a contest in his favorite New
Zealand comic store involving the raffling of said
merchandise, and the resulting tripling of Groo sales
for that store. I never did find out if that means it
went from 1 to 3 sales, 10 to 30 or 100 to 300!!!

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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