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[Groop]Groo News from M.E.

Okay, a few things...

Dark Horse printed up a small souvenir card of SPACE CIRCUS for Sergio
and me to sign at the San Diego Con.  Unfortunately, they seem to be
in short supply.  Dark Horse ran out of them at the convention and no
one is sure if there are more somewhere which have been mislaid or if
some con-goer simply walked off with a few hundred of them.

In any case, I have a limited number of them -- signed by Sergio and
M.E. -- which I will send to Groop members who send a stamped,
self-addressed envelope to my NEW address, which is at the bottom of
this message.  This is FOR MEMBERS OF THIS MAILING LIST ONLY so don't
ask for an extra one for your brother or comic shop owner.  And don't
tell anyone else about this offer.

Foreign Groopers: Get someone in the U.S. to send for yours and have
them tell me the name of the recipient so I know they're asking for a
real Grooper.

The folks at Dark Horse are trying to find more of them for me.  If I
run out of cards, I'll hold the extra requests for a while to see if
more turn up.

Also: Graphitti Designs -- the folks who did the Groo pins and
t-shirts and who published THE LIFE OF GROO book -- will shortly be
advertising a limited edition hardcover volume that will collect that
book and THE DEATH OF GROO in a "flip" book, meaning that you read one
of the books, then flip the thing over and its back cover is the front
cover of the other book.  The printing is the exact same printing as
the last printings of those two books.  Graphitti bought extra,
unbound copies of THE DEATH OF GROO when Marvel printed it and they
ran extra copies of THE LIFE OF GROO when they published it...so now
they're going to bind them together under hard covers.

The dust jacket will feature the same art as the Spanish softcover
book that reprinted both graphic novels (some of you have copies) and
there will be a print of a new Groo drawing signed by Sergio bound
into the book.  At the moment, that's probably all the "new" material
that'll be in it so many of you may decide to pass on it.  But if you
want it, you should order it soon because there will be a limited
number available.  (No, I don't know what that number is or what
they're charging for it.  But the insides are already printed so they
can't increase the press run.)  Info should be on the Graphitti
web-site soon.  It's www.graphittidesigns.com and don't bother
checking there now unless you're looking for the Groo pins or statue.

No release date for the Groo bookends.  (Did I mention that Dark Horse
is putting out a set of Groo bookends?  Well, they are.  But Sergio
has been too busy to finish the sculpture so they probably won't be
out for Christmas.)

Sergio and Stan will probably be attending Mid-Ohio Con this
Thanksgiving.  I probably won't but I won't know for sure for a while.

That is all.

Mark Evanier's NEW Mailing Address is:
5850 W. 3rd St., #367, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com