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--- Eric Chun <ericchun@hotmail.com> wrote:

> San Diego Comic Con pictures:
> http://mightyhero.homepage.com/sd.html
> There are 17 pictures...

The story with he shots of The Groop at DICK'S LAST
RESORT is that it's a place that prides itself on
having surly waitresses with a bad attitude. 

When Gary asked for a straw, he got about 50 of 'em. 

When I asked for a glass for my can of Guinness, the
waitress hurled a volley of plastic cups at me. 

Scott asked for a napkin, and a blizzard of napkins
were thrown down upon us. 

Appropriate, huh?

Since this was to be our pre-Eisner awards dinner, we
cut it a bit close with time and had to rush out of
there. Scott and I had a nice chat with JEFF SMITH on
the way over, who wanted to know about our GROOP
shirts (Jeff's a great guy!) Only when we were
standing on line waiting to get into the awards did I
realize that my shoulder DID NOT hurt. Did I err?
Where's my backpack!!!? 

I left it in the restaurant!

So I asked the Groop to save me a seat and I rushed
out of there to return to the restaurant. As I left
the Hyatt I soon realized that, being the good
follower that I am, I'm perfectly capable of finding a
restaurant by following a Groop of orange shirts, but
otherwise only had a vague idea that the restaurant

Did I err again?

So I zigged and zagged franticly through the San Diego
Gaslamp District until I found DICK'S LAST RESORT.

*Huff, puff* 

I found our waitress, who found our busboy, who told
me that Sean had my backpack (he and his buddy Eric II
had stayed behind. TGFS! (Thank God For Sean!)

I got back to the Eisners all sweaty and overweight
(uh-ohhh...), having missed a bit of the beginning.
Sean soon caught up to me and returned my backpack

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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