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[Groop]Chicago Comicon & Space Circus Cards

Hi all,
So based on M.E.'s message about the Space Circus Cards, when I was at the
Chicago Con on Saturday I decided to check the Dark Horse booth to see if
they had any.  The first two times I went past they didn't, and when I asked
them they said they didn't have any, that they had run out in San Diego.

On the third trip past, there was a stack of them of about 500!  (My only
guess is a wormhole opened up from San Diego)
So I decided to pick up a few each time I went past their booth.  At the end
of the day, there were still a few on the table, so I am assuming that
everyone that wanted one was able to get one.

The cards I picked up are already winging their way west to M.E., since I
decided it made much more sense for him to have some to do with as he sees
fit.  Especially since Dark Horse didn't have any for me to get anyway
(maybe I hallucinated the whole thing).

Jeff  "what cards?" K
"The man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't."
-- Unknown

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