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[Groop]Chicago Report!

hi guys n gals!  I'm back from ChicagoCon!  I'm going to be putting
together an official report very soon, but here are the highlights:

- Lou Ferigno almost killed me.
- Stan Sakai is the nicest guy in the whole world.  He even came back to
Artist's Alley to check up on me! 
- I gave Kevin Smith a Blambot T-shirt when I ran into him.
- I had dinner with ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS creator, Steve Conley (we
discovered we were both staying in the same hotel -- and he knew who I
was!)  Also in attendance was Marty Bauman of CRATER KID, and about 3 other
indie creators.  I also may be creating some original fonts for ASTOUNDING
- I brought waaaaaayyyy too much stuff... but I was told that's a mistake
every indie person makes... once.
- Fans of Insane Clown Posse were a frightening bunch of people....
- And of course I saw a few groop mates!  Jeff Allen, Elie & wife, and Jeff
Koziki... (I didn't forget anyone did I?)

I'm going to post an official journal - style report of the whole deal very
soon.  I'll post it when it happens.


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