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[Groop]Mexican Groos, Zowie, etc.

Hi Folks!

A flood of mail!  Cool!

Gak!!!!   Mexican (as opposed to Spanish) Groos!  How could I have not
known?  (it's embarassing!)  I MUST find them.  mustmustmust!!!!!  (Yes, I
already e-mailed Carlos)

Sergio referred to Sr. Loyo as "Maestro".

If I was ever to spend that kind of money (Ha!) on a Groo cover, it would be
on a particularly cool one (to me).  The cover on ebay doesn't qualify (to
me).  The really strange thing is that I know where the seller bought it
from and how much he paid.  It's strange because of the where.

Jeff K., you maniac!  You went to both Cons!  Of course, what do you expect
from a guy who buys TWO t-shirts!  And way to go on the cards!!!!

Hey!  I looked at that picture for a Groo!  It wass just a bunch of diamond
rings!  Man, what a disappointment.

Re the t-shirts:  I'm working on it!

Take care all -Gary (going to Mexico if I have too) Grossmann

PS  Hey!  It's closer than Turkey!

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