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Re: [Groop]Chicago Report!

Hi Gang,

Chicagocon was huge.  I only went ther on sunday afternoon and realized that
there was way too much going on there to only spend one afternoon there.  I
took us about 3 hours just to walk the entire floor area once.

I saw some friends of mine there who were promoting their new comic called
"Legends of Tarot" who I hadn't seen in a while.

Had the chance to briefly speak with some celebrities who I never thought I'd
actually meet.  Of course, as mentioned earlier Lou Ferigno was there.  Also,
several actors from Star Wars were there including Darth Vader, Chewbacca, an
Admiral, as well as a few others.  I did not get the chance to meet with Stan
Sakai.  Also, I can't say that I saw Sergio there either. I heard a rumor that
he sometimes attends comic conventions incognito?

I picked up a few comics as well as a Nosferatu figure there.

Next year, I will definitely have to go there for the entire weekend.  I wasn't
quite sure what to expect since this my first major convention.

All the best,


Nate Piekos wrote:

> hi guys n gals!  I'm back from ChicagoCon!  I'm going to be putting
> together an official report very soon, but here are the highlights:
> - Lou Ferigno almost killed me.
> - Stan Sakai is the nicest guy in the whole world.  He even came back to
> Artist's Alley to check up on me!
> - I gave Kevin Smith a Blambot T-shirt when I ran into him.
> - I had dinner with ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS creator, Steve Conley (we
> discovered we were both staying in the same hotel -- and he knew who I
> was!)  Also in attendance was Marty Bauman of CRATER KID, and about 3 other
> indie creators.  I also may be creating some original fonts for ASTOUNDING
> - I brought waaaaaayyyy too much stuff... but I was told that's a mistake
> every indie person makes... once.
> - Fans of Insane Clown Posse were a frightening bunch of people....
> - And of course I saw a few groop mates!  Jeff Allen, Elie & wife, and Jeff
> Koziki... (I didn't forget anyone did I?)
> I'm going to post an official journal - style report of the whole deal very
> soon.  I'll post it when it happens.
> ~Nate
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