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[Groop]Tom Luth Card

Hi Folks!

Some (most?) of you may have wondered what the heck I was talking about when
I mentioned the Tom Luth card.  Well you see its like this:

There are these cards that for some strange reason are not very popular
called the Famous Comic Book Creator cards, a 110 card set of many of the
biggies in comics. They came out in 1992, have a photo on the front with a
cheesy colored background, and a little Bio and art sample on the back.
Mark, Sergio, and Stan are part of the set, which did not include any

I had always thought it was too bad that Tom Luth wasn't part of the set so
that all 4 Groo Crew members would have a card.  So ended up working with
both Tom and Groopie Extraordinaire GEORGE KARALIAS to get them made.
Actually, I didn't do anything.  Tom provided the info and photo, complete
with cheesy colored background, and I forwarded it to GEORGE who went on a
long quest to find a way to make some of the cards atr little or no cost.
GEORGE finally did the tedious task of actually glueing the paper for both
sides of the card on card stock by hand!!!!!!  And believe me, the cards are
absolutely beautiful!  You can't tell them from the actual cards!

Poor GEORGE couldn't come to San Diego, so I got all the fun of showing them
to the Groo Crew and seeing the look on Tom's face (He didn't know that
GEORGE had pulled it off) while GEORGE did all the work.  GEORGE even made a
poster size version of both sides of the card for Tom.  Tom and the rest of
the Groo Crew thought they were really cool!!!

I gave most of the cards to Tom.  But I have a some left and I can send them
to folks if they want to "complete" there set of FCBC cards.  (Everytime I
see one from now on, I'm going to ask the vendor "Do you have the complete
set with the Tom Luth card?")  Send me a an SASE and I will send you one.

Anywho, major kudos to GEORGE for his perserverance and hard work!

Take care all -Gary G.

(Back to preparing the t-shirts.  This would be easier if I didn't have to
go to work, take out the garbage, and stuff like that!)

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com