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[Groop]OT: summer reading - Lawrence Block

Wanted to thank whomever (unirabbit & larry?) for the Block
recommendations. After a couple books, I thought the Bernie series was a
little formulaic, but I perservered (especially after they said they
keep getting better), and I've had a delightful time reading through the
series. Many thanks for the recommendation.

Also, picked up the Tanner books. They're VERY offbeaat, a LOT of fun
(in a different way), and I understand what you mean now by "dated":
these late '60s books often make references to "lost causes" that'll
never happen like the break up of Yugoslavia, a free Latvia, etc. Some
of the places mentioned, I would have NEVER even known existed except
for the fact that they came "to be" during my lifetime, often with a lot
of press. It's amazing the difference that 20 or 30 years can make when
you read these books. My ONLY complaint on the Tanner books is that they
are VERY hard to get hold of. I've had to order 2 of the 3 I've read so
far through the interlibrary loan system, and the next one, nobody has.
:( *sigh*

Sorry to ramble on so, but thanks again fellow GroopERS. :)


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