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[Groop]T-Shirt Report

Hi Folks!

I finally got the T-Shirts mailed off to the folks who sent payment.  Sorry
to the folks who sent theirs in a while ago.

Dale Barkman., Finn, Jeff Allen, TGD, Rick Beckly, George Karalias, Chad
Riden, James Grandjean, Charles Klein, Dennis White, Glorko, Richard
Buswell, Josh, Carlos, Denis Hackney, Jeff Lim, Azamin, and Eduardo,  your
shirt or shirts are on the way.

I’m afraid most of the international folks will be waiting a while because
the air mail cost is prohibitive.

I still have a lot of t-shirts and names that are not crossed off and big
hole in my bank account.  If you ordered a t-shirt and have not sent me the
money, please contact me.  (pretty please?)

Take care all (and hope to here from some of you real soon)  -Gary G.

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com