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Re: [Groop]Tom Luth Card

Hi guys/grrls!

GEORGE finally did the tedious task of
actually glueing the paper for both
sides of the card on card stock by hand!!!!!!

George -- Nice cards! I thought they were professionally made.

Other stuff:
Just in case you hadn't figured out who the
last two photos were ...

The 2nd to the last photo is "Mark Hamill,"
who's the voice of the Joker in the Batman
cartoons, and in the upcoming direct-to-
video "Return of the Joker."  He was on the
Warner Bros panel at the San Diego Comic
Con, and he did a signing at the WB Studio
Store at Horton Plaza.  Besides playing the
voice of the Joker, he also an actor.  He
did a few bit parts ...  He was Luke Sky-
walker in some Star Wars trilogy ...

The last photo is "Erin Gray."  Not to be
confused with Gary/Erin or Cyber Erin,
although she has her own web site.  (Does
that make her Cyber Erin??)
Anyway, she was Wilma Deering in the Buck
Rogers t.v. show and Kate in Silver Spoons.
Plus, she was right across from Sergio's
table in this photo, shooting a t.v. in-
terview promoting the SDCC.

All of the Space Circus covers are on
Dark Horse's web site now.

Larry -- Glad you finally made it to the
Eisner Awards panel!  Thought you got
lost.  Last Resort was two blocks away
from the convention center ...  :)

See you.

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