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Re: [Groop]OT: summer reading - Lawrence Block

--- Kevin Hall <kevin.hall@umassmed.edu> wrote:
> Wanted to thank whomever (unirabbit & larry?) for
> the Block recommendations...

Yup, my recommendation, and Unirabbit seconded the
motion ( I had lent them to her about 10 years ago.

> Also, picked up the Tanner books. They're VERY
> offbeaat, a LOT of fun
> (in a different way), and I understand what you mean
> now by "dated"

I'd love to find out what Lawrence Block thinks of so
many of Tanner's futile LOST CAUSES actually coming
true! He even predicted that freedom from the Soviet
yoke would inevitably lead to civil war and ethnic
cleansing - and these books are basically

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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