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[Groop]hail groopers/groopies/midnight tokers

Whatever you call them, they're a cool bunch of froods who REALLY know
where their towels are! Just to embarrass a couple of our more esteemed
Groopers: when I was a newbie Grooper, Eric was kind enough in one of
his little contests to send me a autographed card by Sergio (the painter
card). Of course, I enjoyed it so much, I had to go buy the rest of the
set. :) But that card is still special as it was my welcome into a zany
group of folks who often give of their time (& money out of their own
pockets). Eric did me another good turn recently too! Thanks again for
everything, Eric.

And of course we all know & love the great Dessesbo. I'm really sorry I
took so long with the t-shirt payment, Gary. I got a money order this
morning on the way to work, and it's now winging its way to the fair
state of Washington. The rest of you take note: if I can finally find
the time & money in my hectic existence, it can be done!! And as Eric
and Wilford Brimley both sagely said: "It's the right thing to do!"
Gary's also been very kind to me over the years checking on a drawing
for me with Sergio and any number of other small favors.

Lots of folks in the Groop deserve recognition for good works, but this
week I just had to single out those two VERY worthy individuals. I'm
throwing small pieces of uncooked broccoli at my computer monitor in
honor of both of you (an old Zoltronian sign of great respect &


[psst...Gary, just who WAS Eric on Zoltron anyway? I mean we ALL know
about you, Glorko, and Nate. But I don't think I ever heard Eric's

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