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[Groop]hail groopers/groopies/midnight tokers

>[psst...Gary, just who WAS Eric on Zoltron anyway? I mean we ALL know
>about you, Glorko, and Nate. But I don't think I ever heard Eric's

[Kevin (which in Zoltronian means "really bad court jester),
Glorko here. This is just between us since it's in brackets. (I intercepted
your message to Gary. An old Zoltronian trick!) Eric was Moofon, the high
priest of the Full-Tilt Apostolic Disco Tabernacle (not to be confused with
the Church of the Second Coming of the High Prophet Zarquon, which as we
all know, is merely a fictional church.) This explains alot about Eric's
behavior, although not all. His full title was High Priest, Pastor, Healer,
and Notary. I hope this clears things up. Long live the Zoltronian Empire!

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