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[Groop]Supes/Bugs [& one for you Glorko]

Chris Schechner wrote:

> [Kevin (which in Zoltronian means "really bad court jester),
> Glorko here. This is just between us since it's in brackets. (I intercepted
> your message to Gary. An old Zoltronian trick!)]

[Does that mean it's an old trick some Zoltronians know, or a trick that
old Zoltronians know?
Always wondered if my name meant something in Zoltronian...explains a

> [Eric was Moofon, the high
> priest of the Full-Tilt Apostolic Disco Tabernacle (not to be confused with
> the Church of the Second Coming of the High Prophet Zarquon, which as we
> all know, is merely a fictional church.) This explains alot about Eric's
> behavior, although not all. His full title was High Priest, Pastor, Healer,
> and Notary. I hope this clears things up. Long live the Zoltronian Empire!
> --Glorko]

[Glorko - you have no idea how much I appreciate your answer. I could
never tell who the high priest was because of all the blinking lights on
his most holy white polyester suit and of course the rotating lights &
silver reflective disco ball on top of his headdress. If you have a
picture around anywhere, I'd surely appreciate it!!]

I don't know about anybody else, but I've been having a superb time
reading the Bugs/Supes series. Kudos to Mark! LOTS of fun. Any chance of
seeing the Marvel equivalent? Maybe with the cartoon crew from Underdog,
Fractured Fairy Tales, Dastardly and Mutley, etc?? :)


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