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Re: [Groop]wall calendar/question for m.e.

Hi Folks!

Lia, Thanks so much for the tip!

I can't imagine the Comics Resource folks didn't get permission from Mark &
Sergio cuz they are an established business and they have all the other copy
righted options in addition to Groo. I'm sure they got permission for those

It's a pretty spiffy little deal. A make-it-yourself Calendar from
cyberspace.  I think the drawing is off a Groo Grams page or something like
that, but it doesn't matter, It Still Makes the Groo List, because.....it's
a calendar and therefore falls under the category "Merchandise and
Miscellaneous Items" rather than Other Original Groo Appearances.  (The
latter must generally not have been published anywhere else to make The List
while that is not a requirement for the former.  Hey, it's my list, I make
the rules!)

Anywho, my printer sucks so I went to Kinkos and had a really nice September
2000 calendar printed up on card stock.

byw, for the half-dozen or so who care, I'll be going over both the above
mentioned sections of The List and reconsider/re-figure out if several items
actually qualify or not.  That should also precipitate a list of stuff some
very deranged folks have asked about, a list of Groo appearances of interest
that don't make the Groo List (cuz it's not the first appearance of the art
and isn't Merchandise and a Miscellaneous Item. Trust me, in the context of
what I've got to work with, it makes sense!)

Take care -Gary G.

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> Hi guys,
> comicbookresources has these templates which let you choose a
> particular character and then print out a monthly calendar, and one
> of them is our Groo!
> http://www.comicbookresources.com/resources/calendars/
> Mark, does this have Sergio's and your permission? I don't think
> you've ever mentioned it.
> :] Lia
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