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[Groop]Uncle Jam International.

I finally got a copy of Uncle Jam International #61 (Oct 1982, Fragments
West).  What's so special about this particular issue of the free
''alternative'' newspaper from Long Beach, CA?  Sergio did the cover,
and it was the first Aragones item that Tom Luth did the colors for.  If
you're interested in seeing it, let me know and I'll e-mail it to ya'.

For Gary, there is no Groo on the cover (just a guy carrying a bunch of
Groo-type swords).  However, inside there is an advertisement for a
comic shop with Groo and Cerebus.  I'm not sure if the Groo is original
or not, so I'll e-mail you a scan of it.  In any case, it is a cool
old-school Groo drawing.

Have a good morning,

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