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[Groop]Carl Ballantine

Hi Folks!

I remember Carl Ballantine from "McHale's Navy" and his "The Amazing
Ballantine" routine, which I saw again not too long ago, I think on one of
those Best of Ed Sullivan shows. It's still fabulous.  It holds up, just
like the old Marx Brothers movies.  I've also heard his voice in cartoons.
I am glad to here he is still around.  People that funny should never die
and if he is a friend of Marks, he must be a cool guy in addition to being

I guess he is what Mark called in a CBG article a "one-voice" actor, like
the late Hans Conried, but like Mr. Conried, what a voice!  Mr. Ballantine's
is (or can be) the quintessential fast talking shyster.  What a perfect
Pal!!  See, if only the TV Management yo-yos would just let Mark & Sergio do
their thing, a Groo cartoon would be one of the best ever done!

Take care all -Gary G.

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> >Dear Makr, I seem to recall that he was a sick magician, " Bllentine the
> >Magnificent" who did tricks that never wroked. My dad absolutley loved
> >guy. Fred Vigeant
> ME: He was "The Amazing Ballantine" and did the funniest magic act
> ever recorded.  Not one single trick ever worked.
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