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Re: [Groop]Re: "Groo" in McHale's Navy

--- Mark Evanier <me@evanier.com> wrote:

> ME: He was "The Amazing Ballantine" and did the
> funniest magic act
> ever recorded.  Not one single trick ever worked.

I remember him best from McHale's Navy, but also
remember his wonderful magic act as well. I've always
had a great fondness for magic acts, and always got a
huge kick out of his performances. As far as the
Gruber/Groo synchronicity goes, it just adds to the
coincidence that his magic act was a whole series of
odd failures and unexpected results! 

Mr. Ballantine is a real character actor's character
actor. By that I mean he has the sort of original,
distinctive features that nobody has a CHANCE of
forgetting (even if they don't always remember his

I'm glad to hear he's still around, and hope he's
happy and in lively good health!  

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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