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Re: [Groop]Supes/Bugs [& one for you Glorko]

> He was also the janitor, not to mention Head SchoolMaster, and he would wrap
> our knuckles with a ruler everytime we cussed, a practice he picked up from
> Nuns during an intergalactic teacher exchange program.  And what he did if
> you said "Disco Sucks!" was really terrible, which is why I type with just
> two fingers.  -Gary G.  (Slavishly loyal minion of Glorko and the Greater
> Zoltronian Empire, such as it is.)

When Gary said something about ruler, I remember the most funniest dialog in
Groo comics which appeared in the The Ambassador episode.  when groo made a loud
snoring, the inn keeper shoutback for Groo to be more quiet and Groo said that
if he has a ruler he would teach that inn keeper.  Then the inkeeper went to the
gru the ambassador's room and thrash him while asking "Got a ruler".  For me, it
was the funniest dialog in all Groo comics.


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