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On Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:54:14 -0700, "Gary Grossmann"
<grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:

>Also, Mark, I'll bet Charlene played the tall silent woman. After all, she
>also played "Stupifying Jones" in Lil Abner, another role for a tall,
>gorgeous woman.  Lycus has a great line about her when he is trying to sell
>her to Psuedalos (Sorry for the spelling) Do you remember it?

ME: Just to clarify for everyone: Charlene played Stupefyin' Jones in
a LI'L ABNER TV special, not in the movie or on Broadway.  But she was
a big star on Broadway, appearing in a lot of shows directed by Bob
Fosse.  (She's one of the dancers in the movie of SWEET CHARITY.  She
was in the Broadway show that preceded it, as well as Fosse's original
CHICAGO).  I saw her in A CHORUS LINE, which she appeared in for
several years.

Yes, she played Gymnasia in that production of FORUM.  The line you're
probably recalling is where Lycus says Gymnasia is a stage on which a
thousand dramas can be played.
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