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[Groop]Sorry Folks!

Hi to Folks who Sent in their T-Shirt Money after I Sent Out the First Batch
of T-shirts!

I just wanted to let you know that I have not sent out anymore T-shirts
since the first bunch I listed a couple weeks ago.  I was kind of waiting
for more checks to come in and now it's
get-ready-for-two-kids-to-go-off-to-college.  I will try to get them off
this week, but can make no promises.  Please forgive me.

Another part of the reason is that I kind of got obsess.., well you know,
with getting my Groo collection organized.  It's actually kind of pathetic.
The actual Groo comics and the reprints fit quite nicely in 2 short boxes.
But then there are the International Groos, MAD magzines, Other Groo
appearances, Usago Yojimbos, Mark w/o Sergio comics, Other Groo appearances,
Extras, Sergio w/o Groo, etc, and then there is all the stuff that doesn't
fit in boxes.

And then of course I finally got the door put on the shed.  And now my wife
wants me to build another shed; a wood shed.   So yes, Two Sheds, that would
give me two sheds!  Plus I am finally cleaning my garage after all these
years.  I have found no Groos, but I have found The Lost Arc of the
Covenant, the Holy Grail, and Indiana Jones, plus three dead mice, one of
which I think dates back to the Jurrasic period.

I really will try very hard to get the T-shirts out this week.  Take care

-Gary "I think that box that's been sitting there for 15 years moved-You
open it"  Grossmann

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