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[Groop]OT: MS Word 2000 and mail merge help

I need some assistance from someone who has a good understanding of the
mail merge feature (to merge an MS Access database) in MS Word 2000.

The Unofficial Sergiogrpahy is stored as an MS Access database.  So far,
I've only been able to merge the data into one long listing with some
sorting and formatting.  Then I go in and stick in the headlines and
other information for each sorted section.  However, being a big fan of
automation, I want to be able to have a template with different sections
that have the headline information for each category in the catalogue,
and automatically merge the corresponding categories of data into the
template.  From all my browsing of the help files, I don't think this
can be done without setting up some sort of Major/sub/document system.


PS: and while I appreciate the sentiment, suggestions of using different
software aren't exactly the solutions I'm looking for.... :-}

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