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RE: [Groop]Re: Groo T-Shirts

You'd THINK that since he was in Minnesota that he'd sing "The Biggest Ball
of Twine in Minnesota", but he didn't sing it either time.  He will be
playing here again later this year (I forget the date, but you can check it
out at www.weirdal.com), but this time he'll be playing in Duluth (that's
pronounced as Du-Lute to you).  Is this now officially OT?  Cool!  I write
few enough messages, I might as well have at least OT message for the year.
Although now that I'm trying to conceive some sort of link between Alfred
and Groo, the only thing I can think of is that if Groo was animated, it
would be kinda cool to be claymation like some of Al's videos.  Perhaps it's
just me...

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>Just thought that I would tell you that I wore (Mr. dessesbO's) orange
>shirt to the (The Great Minnesota Getogether) State Fair today and only TWO
>people asked about it.  I noticed a LOT of women checking me out ... or
>perhaps they were reading my "Did I Err?", I'll go for the former rather
>than the latter.

Yes.  Can't wait to get my Err shirt to wear to my favorite watering hole
and have the ladies check me out! (What? ...no honey, I'm just kidding, its
a...hey!  Put down the katana!)

>Oh well, I DID get to see Weird Al again (2nd time this year in Minnesota)
>and it was a GREAT concert!

Please tell me he sang Biggest Ball of Twine!  He HAD to!

Gabe, who will soon be moving to a new email address, as this one is just
too spammified...
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