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Re: [Groop]Space Circus.

Wow!  Did I err this time or what!!!!


In a message dated 8/28/00 4:20:22 PM, ruben@oanet.com writes:

<< Um, I don't think I forgot Fanboy.  

Then again, this is the Groop!



>In a message dated 8/27/00 6:19:45 PM, ruben@oanet.com writes:


><< I have to say that Space Circus is by far one of the best Mark & Sergio

>creations in a while (the others being Groo, Magnor, Fanboy, Boogeyman

>and Groo). >>


>Hey, you forgot one of my all time favorite miniseries': Fanboy!  I enjoyed

>the freedom of expression message that was prevalent throughout the run.  I

>think Rufferto should speak on behalf of the 1st amendment.  He'd put things

>so eloquently that people would have to listen (plus the fact that they'd be

>listening to a talking dog wouldn't hurt either.)







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