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RE: [Groop]Nate's news...


Congrats on the latter.  Very cool.

Sorry about the former.

Damn lawyers

Ari, the damn lawyer

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Hi Groop!  Since it was slow, I thought I'd post my good news.  It's off
topic, so if that bugs you, delete now.

My first printed book, LINT McCREE MYSTERIES #1 hit comic book shop shelves
yesterday!  While the orders were not stellar, hey, I'm just a nobody
right?  It's been reviewed twice already (that I know of) and both gave it
a thumbs up crediting it as a great first effort and a diamond in the
rough.  So I'm pleased.

Unfortunately I'm plagued with legal problems over this since I dissolved
the partnership with my co-plotter.... and now lawyers are involved and
it's getting ugly.  So that puts a great damper on things.. but oh well.
I'm sure to triumph in the end as I hold most of the cards in the legal
poker game.

In other news, I'm now a member of the AAA Pop Comics family!  Mike Allred
sought me out through my comic font site and my name will be popping up in
the credits page in his books, THE ATOMICS (through AAA POP) and MADMAN
(through Dark Horse) as Mike's official font designer.  I tell ya... it's
weird to get a phone call at home from Mike Allred, and end up talking for
a half hour about comics, self publishing and the Survivor TV show of all
things!  He's a super guy, and I'm thrilled to be a part of his work.

Just thought I'd share my good/bad news with my groopmates.

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