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Re: [Groop]Sergio in america's best comics!

Hi Lia, Ariel, and everyone else!
Second:   Well of course I will have to check out Sergio's art for the First American tale in  America's Best Comics Special #1.   My comic book shop knows to order one of everything that Sergio contributes to for me to check out.  Usually, if he is one of several contributing artists I buy it only if it has a Groo.  I buy ALL Sergio books whether they have a Groo or not. (Because they are so darn good!)  (All Mark books and all Stan Books too!) 
Third:  I thought it was page 384 of previews.   Anywho, the art used for the Life of Groo/Death of Groo Hardcover was originally done for a similar high quality 1996 production from Spain (in Spanish) It's soft (heavy stock) cover, but really glossy and cool!  Mark said there will be one page of original art, but I don't care.  Can't wait for it to come out!!! 
The border or margin drawings that are part of the add were pulled from the border of the indcia (?) page of the Graphitti Designs reprint of The Life of Groo.  It's kind of wierd the way they did it if you compare the two.   It's actually a pretty cool looking ad, but it doesn't make the Groo List because there is no original art.  However, I'll add it to a list I have been working on of non-original Groo appearances of note.  Most of these are cool ads. 
And hey, Ariel!  Why couldn't you buy the Carribean comic book with the Sergio article?  Buy it for me and I will reimburse you!  And someday I will figure out where those darn ad panels were first published!  (And I'll find the Groo buttons that Sergio & his daughter made and I'll find a copy of the May, 1977 SCENE magazine.)
OK, that's it.  This weekend I finally get the second batch of T-shirts mailed off.  Take care all -Gary G. 
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Speaking of which,
Gary: page 284 of this month's Previews magazine has an add for the Life of Groo and Death of Groo collections soon to be released.  The covers to both books looked new to me.  The add also had many Groo "marginals" which I do not know whether new or not.
Also I saw a book in the comic book store yesterday, entitled something like "Comics and More".  I announced itself as the Caribbean's only comic book.  The book had a page article on Sergio.  Unfortunately I couldn't buy the book.
Finally, G-man.  I apologize in being as slow as I am.  It's in the mail, though, and I have given up on finding that old epic add we talked about.  If you ever track down the info I am very interested in knowing what you find.
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Hi guys,

I was looking through Westfield's picks of the month (http://www.westfield.company.com), and one of them is America's Best Comics Special #1 - "...Squeal with delight over a First American tale illustrated by Sergio Aragonés."

I would have bought this regardless, but knowing Sergio's work is in there makes me even more excited to get my fangirl hands on it.

:] Lia

P.S. Hey Gary, guess that's another thing you're going to have to buy to check if Sergio hid Groo in there, right? Heehee.

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