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[Groop]T-Shirts, etc.

Hi Folks!

Rick Steph., Mo orst, Animal, Kevin, Gabe, Rene, Ken Simon, Packrat, Ed
Hewell, Dieter, and Joe F., your T-shirts are finally on the way.  Actually,
I sent them off today at the last minute so with Monday being a holiday,
they will sit in the post office until Tuesday, BUT at least they are that

Dieter, a Space Circus card is in with the shirt.  George, your set of
FCBCcards is on the way.  Rick so is yours, with the Tom Luth card.  And
Tony, your Tom Luth card is also on the way.

I still have about 20 shirts.  So whose payment I haven't yet received have
contacted me, so no problemo.  However, some have not.

Also, will the folks who didn't order a shirt originally and then asked me
about them please write again.  I seem to have lost that little list.

I guess that's it.  Take care all -Gary G.

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