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Re: [Groop]T-Shirts, etc.

That saves me the trouble of breaking you knee caps...Thanks.

Ken Simon

On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> Rick Steph., Mo orst, Animal, Kevin, Gabe, Rene, Ken Simon, Packrat, Ed
> Hewell, Dieter, and Joe F., your T-shirts are finally on the way.  Actually,
> I sent them off today at the last minute so with Monday being a holiday,
> they will sit in the post office until Tuesday, BUT at least they are that
> far.
> Dieter, a Space Circus card is in with the shirt.  George, your set of
> FCBCcards is on the way.  Rick so is yours, with the Tom Luth card.  And
> Tony, your Tom Luth card is also on the way.
> I still have about 20 shirts.  So whose payment I haven't yet received have
> contacted me, so no problemo.  However, some have not.
> Also, will the folks who didn't order a shirt originally and then asked me
> about them please write again.  I seem to have lost that little list.
> I guess that's it.  Take care all -Gary G.
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