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[Groop]Gary's Ready to Move

Hi Folks!

Well, I just saw in the paper that Ellen DeGeneres and Ann Heche are selling
their $2.75 million, 4,000 square foot farm-style house that sits on 10
acres and has working avacado and citrus orchards.  Perfect!  This is
exactly the kind of place my wife and I would love to own.  Lots of space
inside for when the kids come visit and for a mother-in-law suite, (and to
display Groo stuff!) great climate and lots of space outside too.  Oh yeah,
and the paper said it's in Ojai!!!!!  That's right, Ojai, home of Sergio!!

Of course, that $2.75 million price tag is a little steep.  Hmm, let's see,
if I sell my house and subtract the balance on the mortgage, that will leave
me only about $2.65 million or so short.  I think.  I mean gee, my shed has
a door on it now and everything.  Hey, maybe I could get Ellen and Ann to
sell cheaper.  It kind of sounds like they want to get rid of it quick.

As an alternative, maybe we could all pool our resources, buy it together
and start a Groop Commune!  Hmmm.  Actually, this sounds a little scary even
to me.

Well, I'm off to raise a couple million dollars.  I wonder how much I can
get for my old penny collection?  Take care all -Gary G.    [Meanwhile, on
the off chance that Gary wins the Lotto, Sergio has his attorney prepare a
restraining order....]

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