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Re: [Groop]Gary's Ready to Move

It sounds like you have a plan.  One thing you forgot to take into account was
how to pay off the taxxes on a place like that.
P.S. It's amazing how much space two lesbians need for themselves.  I mean, it's
not likely that they are going to be able to reproduce together.

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> Well, I just saw in the paper that Ellen DeGeneres and Ann Heche are selling
> their $2.75 million, 4,000 square foot farm-style house that sits on 10
> acres and has working avacado and citrus orchards.  Perfect!  This is
> exactly the kind of place my wife and I would love to own.  Lots of space
> inside for when the kids come visit and for a mother-in-law suite, (and to
> display Groo stuff!) great climate and lots of space outside too.  Oh yeah,
> and the paper said it's in Ojai!!!!!  That's right, Ojai, home of Sergio!!
> Of course, that $2.75 million price tag is a little steep.  Hmm, let's see,
> if I sell my house and subtract the balance on the mortgage, that will leave
> me only about $2.65 million or so short.  I think.  I mean gee, my shed has
> a door on it now and everything.  Hey, maybe I could get Ellen and Ann to
> sell cheaper.  It kind of sounds like they want to get rid of it quick.
> As an alternative, maybe we could all pool our resources, buy it together
> and start a Groop Commune!  Hmmm.  Actually, this sounds a little scary even
> to me.
> Well, I'm off to raise a couple million dollars.  I wonder how much I can
> get for my old penny collection?  Take care all -Gary G.    [Meanwhile, on
> the off chance that Gary wins the Lotto, Sergio has his attorney prepare a
> restraining order....]
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