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Re: [Groop]Groop Summer Reading List

First of all, let me echo Larry's suggestion of
Lawrence Block's Tanner series and expand it to
anything by Block.  If you like humorous mysteries
(The Bernie Rhoddenbarr "Burglar" series) or even
serious hard-boiled fare (the Matt Scudder books),
you'll find Block satisfies every time.

But, on to my suggestion: A Confederacy of Dunces, by
John Kennedy Toole.  A brilliant novel by a writer who
sadly took his own life while the book received
rejection after rejection.  Fortunately, his mother
eventually got the book published, and it received the
Pulitzer prize for fiction.  Deservedly.

A Confederacy of Dunces is about J. Ignatius Reilly, a
pompous windbag of a man whose genius is only
surpassed by his hypocondria and flatulence.  Whether
he's trying, unsuccessfully, to unionize the workers
of Levy's Pants or to avoid having to sell hot dogs
from his vending cart, Ignatius is an amazingly
original comic figure...sort of Don Quixote meets
Ralph Kramden.  Along with an amazing array of
N'awlins cast of characters, this is one of the
funniest books you will ever find.

But, see for yourself.  You won't be disappointed!


-- A2SG, stinkin' comuniss....

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