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[Groop]Creating comics [OT]

As the Groop is suddenly active again, I was wondering if any of you in the 
know would be able to direct me in the right direction.

I'm working towards teaching licensure and in one of my classes I have to 
create new teaching tools.  I would like to experiment with creating comic 
books relavant to what I'm teaching.  While I'm an adequate writer, I am a 
deplorable artist.  So I was wondering if there is any comic book creation 
software out on the market (preferably for Mac, but I can use either 
platform) in which I can layout and word the comics myself and work out found 
graphics or pictures to fit.  It doesn't have to be incredibly professional 
for what I want to do, but the cleaner, the better.

Sorry to use the Groo list for this, but heck, consider this post a Grooism 
in itself.


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