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RE: [Groop]a con question

I managed that feat this year.  I have been a loyal attendee of Chicago
since the early Eighties (wow does that sound like a long time)  having
grown up in the area, and this was my first time in San Diego.

I would say that since Wizard took over the management of the Chicago show
it has shrunk noticably.  Not necessarily in the number of companies,
dealers, or artists in artists alley but in the physical space used.  It is
so packed in now that getting down aisles is a serious challenge most of the

I believe it is also smaller than it was in terms of companies, dealers, and
artists because of  the huge jump in fees to get space.  Under the former
owners, Artists Alley was a courtesy.  Now it's like $100 for half of an
eight foot table).

It is still comparable to San Diego, but I think there was just more elbow
room in San Diego.  That and more comics professionals and fewer wrestlers,
old movie stars, etc.

If you're looking for stuff, you can be overwhelmed at either.  I would rate
San Diego as the more laid back of the two because more artists had their
own booths so fans could have more contact with them.  This year's Chicago
show had way too many long lines because person X was only signing once all
weekend for a two hour period.  Definitely added to the rush and the crush

Luckily I had my Groop shirt and my katanas...
Jeff "Barbarian Fanboy" K
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> Has there been any Groop member lucky enough to visit two of 
> the bigger
> cons? Such as San Diego and Chicago?
> I'm just curious if there's a real difference in the scene or not?
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