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[Groop]Sakai story...

This is sort of a weird series of events...

As many of you do, I also collect USAGI YOJIMBO.  Stan is one of my
favorite artists.  USAGI is  not a big seller in the shop I frequent, but
the owner has stocked more USAGI and GROO at my request..... 

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I interviewed Stan Sakai a few months ago for my comic font site, Blambot.

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Then, a few weeks ago, I ran into Stan at Chicago con.  He remembered me
from the interview, stayed to talk to me at my table for a while, and then
came back the next day to see how I was doing.  Super nice guy.  I told him
how I had asked my shop to stock USAGI... and that I thought it was selling

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Just this week, I go to visit my local comic shop, the owner hands me an
autographed USAGI poster and an autographed USAGI trading card from behind
the counter.  I said, "what's this for?"  The owner replied:  " Well, I
wrote a review about how USAGI has been selling much better for me [due to
my insistance that he carry it]  for a trade journal, and Stan Sakai read
it, got in contact with me and thanked me for supporting him... he sent me
this signed stuff as a thank you.... since you are the biggest USAGI
supporter around here, I thought I'd just give them to you."

Funny how that worked out.

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