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[Groop]Groop Revival

Hi Folks!

Well, it appears everyone's real life has been keeping them pretty busy
lately-I know mine has, what a drag!-because the Groop communications have
been next to nothing.  Even the Asterix mailing list, which I got on as part
of my search for Turkish Groos, has been busier than we have!!  Poop!

Anywho, I was wondering how Chad & his co-conspirators have been doing with
their Groo universe compilations.  It seems to me you folks had divided up
and were working on putting together all sorts of Groo trivia, such as how
many times Groo has said "Now Groo does what Groo does best!" and stuff like
that.  Anything fun to report guys?

And has anyone made the pilgrimage to Groo Street?

Take care all -Gary G.

PS  One of the things I've been trying to do that has nothing to do with
Groo is find some pieces of family furnture that were dispersed over the
last 40 years!  But actually, it's my dessesbo ways that have caused the
search.  My wonderful and extremely understanding wife got it in her head to
find these pieces of furniture and she said to me:  "If you can find comic
books that were published in Turkey 11 years ago, you ought to be able to
find chairs that were given away in New Jersey 38 years ago."  Hard to argue
with logic like that.  Especially when it comes from someone so cute!

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