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[Groop]New Member

Dear Groopies:
Well, I am new. That is the most I can think of saying now. I've been a Groo fan since I was ten, and now, at age 16, I continue to enjoy the adventures of the world's best mendicant.
I have just recently purchased the Groo Lunchbox, and I use it religiously everyday for lunch (as it was intended for). However, I must complain, as my container of pasta salad does not fit in it. Which is sad, because I love pasta salad. I mean, must I choose between Groo or Pasta Salad? God never intended me to go through such torture!
But it is not my most prized Groo possesion. That would have to be my "Life of Groo" graphic novel, the first printing. I actually had to use it in spanish class the other day as part of a skit (do not ask...), which I acquired a B+ on. Good for me!

Last item. On the way to Comic Con International 2000 I passed a car with a bumper sticker stating "Got Mulch?" on it. My mother quickly assured me it was not a licsened Groo product, but that still didn't stop my revelry, which filled the small nissan vehicle to the point of breaking glass and annoyed drivers clamering to choke me. I think.

Mia Descandion

PS: Does Hollywood Haven still exist? Just asking out of curiosity.

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