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Re: [Groop]Groop Revival

> Anywho, I was wondering how Chad & his co-conspirators have been doing
> with
> their Groo universe compilations.  It seems to me you folks had divided
> up
> and were working on putting together all sorts of Groo trivia, such as
> how
> many times Groo has said "Now Groo does what Groo does best!" and stuff
> like
> that.  Anything fun to report guys?

For those who didn't know, Josh made a public plea a while back asking if
anyone wanted to update / overhaul www.groo.com as he had no time to do
so. Nate, Kevin and I spoke up and began discussing designs, content, the
effects existentialism had on art and literature during and after WWII,
mulch, cheese dip... you know, regular Groo stuff. 

Nate did a fantastic job putting together a new look for the site (with
our input), I slapped together some new webring graphics, and we began
re-reading all our Groos tallying up statistics like frays, ships sunk,
references to cheese dip, famous Groo quotes, plot summeries, morals,
hidden messages, on and on and on. This takes time. 

I haven't worked much on it this summer, but I have cataloged almost all
of the issues I was 'assigned.' We're hoping to put together a searchable
database of this useless Groo data & launch the "new" groo.com completely
put together and working right. 

Sadly, I'm afraid we've all been really busy doing other things... but
GROOP, this is my pledge to you: I will get up from this very comfortable
chair right now... and go get some cheese and crackers. Then, later, I
will remember to pick up my legal pad and dive back into my Groos and
finish what I started. 

Chad M. Riden
ICQ # 9922135

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