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[Groop]It sure is slow...

What an exciting mailing list lately!  ; )  Am I still on?

Testing... testing....

OK, I'll talk about SPACE CIRCUS.  It's great fun!  I love seeing some of
my favorite comic creators take a break and do something different.  (The
production on the series is probably over, but --) hey ME, if you ever need
some funky fonts for alien languages or robot dialogue, I've got some
originals.  (you cut and pasted the robot dialogue on the art, yes?)

My good news:  Mike Allred's THE ATOMICS #9 came out yesterday!  I'm in the
credits! My first "real"  contribution to the wide world of comics! I'll be
providing Mike with lots of custom fonts from here on out. )

AND... I'm buying my first house!  I got approved this week!   Get this:
It's just 2 houses over from the house I lived in with my parents when I
was in college!!!  (they don't live there anymore)  And finding it was
complete coincidence! 

AND... for those keeping score, the legal problems with my ex-partner on my
book, LINT McCREE MYSTERIES are over!!!  Guess who came out on top?  ; )  

Now if I can only figure out how my bank account dwindled to almost
nothing....  oh yeah, house, legal fees.... ugh.

Hey, Kev Hall.... how's the new little groopmate coming along?  Everyone well?

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