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[Groop]Ask the Groo Advisor......

All right.  To get the list reinvigorated and back up to its normal 
activities, I'm going to make my worldly knowledge available to all of 

Thus is born the Groo Advisor.  Send me your questions through the Groop, and 
in the true spirit of Groo and the Sage, I will give you an answer, the 
benefit of my knowledge, my council, my worldly advice.  I promise to give 
you a response, no matter how unreasonable a question.  An answer will always 
be given, whether I know it is true or not.  

So come on, pick my brain!  And remember, the Groo Advisor assumes no 
responsibility for incorrect answers!

Elie, the Groo Advisor

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com