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[Groop]Ask the Groo Advisor......

OK, Mr. Groo-Advisor,
I have a question that has been bugging me for as long as I can remember
(which ain't all that long).


What is mulch?

Jeff "the unknowing" K
"The man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't."
-- Unknown

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> All right.  To get the list reinvigorated and back up to its normal 
> activities, I'm going to make my worldly knowledge available 
> to all of 
> you........
> Thus is born the Groo Advisor.  Send me your questions 
> through the Groop, and 
> in the true spirit of Groo and the Sage, I will give you an 
> answer, the 
> benefit of my knowledge, my council, my worldly advice.  I 
> promise to give 
> you a response, no matter how unreasonable a question.  An 
> answer will always 
> be given, whether I know it is true or not.  
> So come on, pick my brain!  And remember, the Groo Advisor assumes no 
> responsibility for incorrect answers!
> Elie, the Groo Advisor
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