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[Groop]The Sport of Mendicants

Fellow Groopies:
A story about the mayhem I have spread as a GRoopie:
TLast week, I was "hanging out" in the counseling trailer at my high school (because I am such the popular one) with a group of Sophomore boys. I myself am a Senior female (sounds like something out of Animal Planet, I know, by the way. So there I was, sitting with these people, when I reached into my backpack and pulled out my copy of the groo game, which I had acquired at SD this year (Sergio even signed the groo card. He also tried to take my Ibex stuffed animal after I got a picture of him with it....hmmmm). I was begining to shuffle it and put it back in the box when I was inquired about what the hell I happened to be doing.
And so I told them that it was a simple, hard to find role playing sort of card game. They, who were playing magic at the time, informed me that they wanted to learn this, as they were particularly bored. And so we played an introductory game, which turned into three games. The next day one of them came up to me begging to play it again, as did two others. So I had three addicted already
The next day, in journalism class, another young male had mentioned his friends talking about this great card game I had. And so he became addicted after the first play. And so on until I had about six young sophomore boys clammering to play the groo game. And since I have the only copy in school (and perhaps Riverside), I had to be interceeded with. Yes, I am a dealer! Oh, these poor boys,having to have a "fix" at least once a day!
I know that was quite nonsensical. But it is quite late, I am tired, and I just got a page from another sophomore boy who needs to play a game RIGHT NOW. And the story is REALLY true. I mean it!

Rock on!
Mia Descandion


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