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Re: [Groop]The Sport of Mendicants

Hmmm.  The only question is:  Are these sophomore boys progressing or
regressing by switching from Magic to The Groo Game?  Of course, with 15-16
year old boys, who can tell?  -Gary G.  (Who has a 13 year old daughter
attracting the attention of such boys-that is, until they see me giving them
"The Death Look."

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Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2000 11:43 PM
Subject: [Groop]The Sport of Mendicants

> Fellow Groopies:
>     A story about the mayhem I have spread as a GRoopie:
>   TLast week, I was "hanging out" in the counseling trailer at my high
> school (because I am such the popular one) with a group of Sophomore boys.
> myself am a Senior female (sounds like something out of Animal  Planet, I
> know, by the way. So there I was, sitting with these people, when I
> into my backpack and pulled out my copy of the groo game, which I had
> acquired at SD this year (Sergio even signed the groo card. He also tried
> take my Ibex stuffed animal after I got a picture of him with
> I was begining to shuffle it and put it back in the box when I was
> about what the hell I happened to be doing.
>      And so I told them that it was a simple, hard to find role playing
> of card game. They, who were playing magic at the time, informed me that
> they wanted to learn this, as they were particularly bored. And so we
> an introductory game, which turned into three games. The next day one of
> them came up to me begging to play it again, as did two others. So I had
> three addicted already
>      The next day, in journalism class, another young male had mentioned
> friends talking about this great card game I had. And so he became
> after the first play. And so on until I had about six young sophomore boys
> clammering to play the groo game. And since I have the only copy in school
> (and perhaps Riverside), I had to be interceeded with. Yes, I am a dealer!
> Oh, these poor boys,having to have a "fix" at least once a day!
>    I know that was quite nonsensical. But it is quite late, I am tired,
> I just got a page from another sophomore boy who needs to play a game
> NOW. And the story is REALLY true. I mean it!
> Rock on!
> Mia Descandion
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